Best Concealed Non Lethal Weapon Types (Top 5 Kick Butt Picks! )

Lethal weapons, for the most part, are illegal in many places around the globe. Many places in America, Europe, Asia, and South America have a ban on them. Generally, this is done in order to keep the peace, no guns or knives means no gun or knife related issues, right? This is horrible misconstrued, in fact, there are some studies that tighter weapon control can lead to higher rates of assault with deadly weapons.

Nonetheless, one might think there is little that can be done to combat this type of situations. This is far from the case, in fact, there are many ways you can defend yourself from deadly force, while using perfectly legal and nonlethal means. To further help your chances, these items shown below are also easily concealable, making them perfect for urban environments or a surprise attack. Not to mention almost all of these weapons are legal weapons to carry for self defense, in almost every state.

Mace Brand Self Defense Triple Action Self Defense Pepper Spray

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We start off this list with one of the most widely favored and used nonlethal self-defense weapons. A pepper sprayer is a canister with several different ingredients that are put under pressure. When a pressure release nozzle is pressed, the contents of the canister are released. The reason why this kind of canister is so effective in deterring aggressors is that the ingredients found within are incredibly irritating to the nose and eyes if they come in contact with them.

Imagine getting chile, pepper, and soap in your eyes all at once. Also try to imagine a very strong irritation, to the point of not being able to breathe correctly, similar to the effect of inhaling smoke. This item is truly the ideal for close quarter situations, as the effective range is within 5-10-15 feet. Although the only drawback is the danger involved with wind blowback or getting some of the sprays into your eyes, so be sure to be careful when using this defensive item.

VIPERTEK VTS-989 – 990,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

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This is another facet of what comes to mind when nonlethal defensive measures are mentioned. Stun guns are rectangular shaped weapons that have electrodes on the top of the item. When activated, this item will emit an arc of electricity. This amount of electricity can vary from model to model, but all quality tazers should both emit electricity in an arc.

This model also comes with four special features, as the item has a steel surface on the top and sides that adds defense against someone grabbing away your tazer. The next function is that this tazer has two extra electrodes that are cone-shaped with a pointed shape, that can better go through multiple layers of clothes.

Another function is an LED light built in underneath the tazer electrodes, for an emergency lighting. Lastly, this item has a built-in rechargeable battery, so no worrying about buying disposable batteries. This item is perfect for close quarter use, with virtually no danger of electrocuting yourself.

Self Defense Keychain – 16 Designer Styles – U.S. and Air Travel Legal – Non Lethal – No Risk of Personal Injury Like Pepper Spray/Stun Guns – Even Effective Against Attacks from Behind – With E-book

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This item is very unassuming and can simply pass for a designed keychain. However, on closer inspection, all is not what it seems. This self-defensive item is made of hard composite plastic, large enough to fit into the palm of your hand. There is a small edge on the bottom half of this item, allowing for a stabbing motion, or thrusting, to physically affect someone.

This item is incredibly easy to conceal, capable of being left in plain sight. This item could also be technically allowed through TSA checkpoints as there is no edict concerning this item. Still be careful, and use your best judgment. In any case, this item is perfect for anyone, anywhere. The only drawback is that you will have to be close to your aggressor in order to do damage.

FURY Tactical Griffin GRIP Concealable Control Device

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This is yet another hardened composite plastic but with a unique twist, this item is as small as a ring and is arguably the best concealed non lethal weapon on this list. This item is smaller than anything else on this list as well, measuring less than an inch in length and width.

The concept behind this item is to be worn on a finger, like a ring, with the hard plastic edge pointing towards for extra penetrating power. This item is perfect for anyone wanting protection but also having it be nonlethal and non-threatening to an aggressor or potential aggressor.

FAST STRIKE Non Lethal Self Defense Weapon – Easy to conceal carry or hide – Perfect for Women and Men – Extended striking distance and light weight – Better option than knives guns stun guns

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Finishing off our list, we have a very different approach to yet another traditional weapon, the baton. This baton is very different from others you can find online, this is due impart to the fact that this baton acts more like a whip. The idea of use is to flick open the item, as you would a foldable baton, and simply whip your aggressor.

This item is lightweight, with a chassis that allows for it to be latched onto your pants or belt with ease. The item itself is composed of two parts, a hard fiber plastic handle, and a spring/stainless steel cable. This item is virtually impossible to discern unless very close and is for that reason, this item is incredibly inconspicuous. This item would be best self defense weapon besides gun like weapons or similar. This item is suited to be used within a minimum of two to three feet. As any longer and the reach of the weapon will begin to show.

Final Thoughts

The world is not a safe place. This is the one lesson many parents have instilled in their children since the dawn of time. This lesson is often pushed to the side until you become a victim of the world yourself. As such, you should take care, and this means to ensure your defense. With the choices above, hopefully, you will have found a certain type of weapon you can rest easy having, or a direction you can take into finding your own. Whichever the case, be safe out there!

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