The Best Keychain Knife (to Get You Out of a Dicey Situation)

the best keychain knife

It’s important to be prepared for anything, from a large natural disaster to smaller attacks or intrusions. This means you need tools that can handle the big situations, but also the smaller ones. Whether big or small being prepared is always key and having the necessary tools for survival and safety. Having the best key chain knife as an easy and concealable weapon, can provide self defense for the user as well as come in handy for small tasks requiring a knife.

It’s best to always be prepared no matter what the situation may be and in order to do so you will need the best key chain knife to get you through small encounters and situations where it’s size and features make it the perfect tool. Size doesn’t matter, as a bigger knife can’t always fit the job at hand. So, here are five key chain knives that possess features to make them essential to any survivalist’s arsenal or at least essential for any survivalist’s key chain.

1. SOG Key Folding Knife

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First up is the SOG concealed key folding knife. It appears to be a simple black key, but after further examination you notice that there is a blade hidden in the ridge handle of the key. The folding key knife can simply be added to a key ring, perfectly concealed but ready and waiting in case a dangerous situation arises. It features a 1.5 inch blade that is concealed as a house key, the small blade makes it concealable but still useful for protection.

The knife is secured with lock back technology keeps the knife safely locked and ready when it is open. Customer reviews also mention the good retention of the knife, meaning that the blade will not fall open when in your pocket or when using your key ring. Although this knife may be small, it could be mighty depending on how it is used and in what situations. Protection can come in all sizes.

2. Gerber Curve Multi-Tool

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The Gerber curve tool, is a more obvious looking key chain knife but it has more practical applications and features that make it a useful and potentially essential tool. It has a built in carabiner clip making it possible to secure this knife on a key ring, belt loop or backpack. These possibilities will make it more convenient to have this knife ready to go at any time. Another feature is the 1.25 inch blade accompanied by a file, two screwdrivers and a bottle opener. Making this knife more functional for camping, hiking or any other activities. Again, it is a smaller blade but it shouldn’t be underestimated, it will still be sure to get the job done.

3. TANKING Coin Shape Folding Pocket Keychain Knife

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This maybe the most unique of the key chain knife self defense weapons but it can still come in handy in a tight spot. This knife is unique as it is circular in shape, according to the manufacturer the unique size and shape makes it easy to carry it in your pocket, use it as a key ring or it can be fixed to a lanyard if you wish to wear it from your neck. The shape is also beneficial as the weapon can be held easily in the palm of the user’s hand for concealment or prior to an attack.

It comes equipped with a one inch blade, which may not sound like much but could come in handy around the house or for concealed protection in a dangerous situation. Depending on the user’s skill and the task at hand the short but sharp blade should be able to get the job done.

4. XOPRO Stainless Steel Non-Serrating Folding Knife Keychain

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This key chain knife comes in a pack of five and features a small size making it portable and concealable. However, once placed on the key ring, the knife is unable to open. The key ring acts as a safety, refusing to let the knife open until it is removed from the key ring. The knife must be removed from the key ring in order to be used, this may be seen as an annoying feature to some or could be seen as a safety feature of the knife.

This knife may come in handy for small projects but may not be the best self defense key chain as it only deploy able after removed from the key ring that holds it. Although maybe not the best for self-defense it can still be useful in survivalist and other high stress situations. With a pack of five you could easily supply yourself, family or friends with a tool and weapon in case they find themselves in a tight spot.

5. Gerber GDC Zip Blade

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The compact design of the zip blade, make the utility blade quaint but still dangerously sharp. The zip blade is over a half inch long and can be fully concealed until released by the user through the knife’s mechanism. This knife is intended for daily wear, hence the compact and discrete design. The blade can be hooked onto a key chain or adhered to any zipper of a coat or backpack, so it can be worn more accessibly. The blade is strong enough to strip wire, cut through thick cardboard, or if necessary, be used as a self -defense key chain providing you necessary protection and assistance.

Dicey Decisions

A key chain knife may not be the flashiest or most high tech gadget but it may be the most practical. Its small size makes it ideal for on the go protection and self-defense. Having it at the ready on your keys or in your pocket gives you the advantage and ability to protect yourself. You do not want to be caught unprepared or off guard. Be prepared and ready with the best key chain knife self defense weapon. There is a style for everyone and it will improve your day to day safety by being prepped and ready with the best key chain knife.

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