Best Fixed Blade Knife for EDC (5 Solid Picks!)

best fixed blade knife for edc

Who needs a gun? Not you if you’ve got the best fixed blade knife for EDC. Knives are convenient; they are less likely to raise the alarm in public, you can hide them if you need to, and they function on so many levels.

EDC knives can be hidden or displayed openly, and you can use them on the fly. The nice thing about EDC knives is that you are unlikely to have an accident with one once you get the hang of it. Often, people think of knives only as weapons, but they can be so much more than that.

Uses For a Fixed Blade Knife

The uses for a fixed blade knife, especially an EDC knife, are myriad. You could use it to cut wire, to open boxes, to break into cans, or even to slice through a seatbelt if need be. In the absolute extreme you could use it as a self defense weapon, but hey, that’s what your combat cane is for.

The reality is that the best EDC fixed blade knife can do pretty much anything. The list below provides you with options based on looks and functionality. Truly, though, no matter which you choose, you’re in good shape.

The Best in Fixed Blade Knife For EDC

Hoffman Richter Wolf

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The Hoffman is a solid piece of metal that comes with a sheath. It is a four inch, small fixed blade EDC knife. Because it is one solid piece of metal, you don’t have to worry that the blade with break off or get snagged in anything.

Also, the sheath comes in handy for carrying in the event you don’t have a weapons holster to put it in.

Neck Knife

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The Neck Knife is super handy because it can hang on a chain around your neck. This knife has a blade just under 5 inches as the handle is black plastic. Handily, it sits in a sheath that matches its solid black handle and is easily accessible and visible if it is worn outside the shirt.

From a practical view, it can be much easier to just be up front with the public about what you have in terms of weaponry. Obviously, a knife around your neck makes a statement that you don’t intend to threaten anyone with your knife. Furthermore, it is just as likely to be used to help a woman free her jacket snagged in a car door as it is to cut an attacker.

Gerber Bear

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The Gerber is easily the best utilitarian knife. It is a solid piece of black metal, fitted inside a black rubber handle. It is designed for sawing and wedging. It has a serrated backside. Use it for back and forth motion or for simple bottle opening.

Honestly, having a Gerber knife like can be convenient to put people at ease as well. Clearly, when you whip out a small knife that has what looks like a bottle opener on one end, you aren’t intending to scare people. That can go a long way toward goodwill and the whole point of EDC.

Columbia River Knife

[amazon_link asins=’B01N2AW2H6′ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’be1b1885-b21a-11e7-bdaf-fbd456952881′]

The Columbia River Knife looks just how it sounds. It has a rope woven handle and a long, thin, sharp, evil looking blade. This knife looks cool. Perhaps you want to gut fish, cut fishing wire, or carve into the bark of a tree. The Columbia will do all of that for you.

Maybe, though, you just want a cool looking knife. If so, you’re still in good shape. The blade is stainless steel and the rope handle is army green. Anyone that sees you with this will think you are descended from Rambo.

Karambit Sickle Blade

[amazon_link asins=’B01CDL66MY’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e677bd66-b21a-11e7-83c9-f5b6a2e0f3c8′]

If you believe in the devil, then you will think this was his (or her) blade. It looks like a sickle, curved and scary. It has a ring on one end for maneuverability and grip change. This knife is a fighting and self defense knife.

Fortunately, it is small enough to still be considered EDC. You can carry this around with you, but be careful who you show it to and who you let handle it. The last thing you want is someone getting gutted by your knife by accident.

Final Thoughts

Realistically, which EDC knife to have with you will depend on your needs. If you are looking for simple utilitarian purposes, your choice will differ from the person seeking a possible self defense weapon. If you are a knife fighter who always likes to be prepared, you will choose a curved blade aimed at the most damage in an attack.

Ultimately though, you will find in this list a range of EDC knives that meet the needs of anyone in the market for a basic sharp object to put to use in even the most mundane situation.

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