Best Outdoor Rat Trap: Top Five to Catch and Decide

Dealing with rats are always a chore. You can catch and release if you want to. These rat traps are outdoors after all. You can also decide to buy a rat trap that kills the rodent upon impact. Truly there are many things you have to consider when it comes to rats. Either way, you clearly need a rat trap or a few rat traps, or you wouldn’t be here. So let’s get you the lowdown on the best outdoor rat trap.

Catch and Release

There are plethora of humane ways to trap rats on your property, keeping them contained and then releasing them. You could perhaps find someplace far away to release them, deliver them to a humane society near you, or donate them to science for research maybe? Regardless, if you don’t want to kill the rat or rats, you don’t have to.

Plenty of outdoor rat traps will merely lure the rat in, then keep it locked up safe and secure and out of your pantry until you are ready to send it on its way. Just be sure not to release to close to your house or it will quickly be right back in the same scenario.

Bait to Kill

On the other hand, you may be one of many, many people who finds rodents purely disgusting, and you want to kill them all. This is not an unreasonable feeling. Many rodents spread disease; if you have children, you may be particularly concerned. Rats, in particular, can be not only disease spreading but also just gross looking. Not many people find rats cute and furry.

So you may want a rat trap that will kill the rodent on impact, at which point you can simply dispose of it in the garbage outside. Lethal outside rat traps abound, and you can certainly find one that will kill in the quickest, most painless way possible. You don’t want to torture the thing; you just want it dead and gone.

Now you know your life or death options, all you have to do is choose a rat trap from among the choices below that is most likely to meet both your needs and your aesthetic.

Find the Best Outdoor Rat Trap:

1. Gpthom Rat Bait Station

[amazon_link asins=’B0721R12Q9′ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’15b2ab50-3039-11e8-903f-5dcbd3631ac0′]

  1. The Gpthom is an interesting trap. It is an enclosed box that you set up wherever you like, outdoors, under your house, etc. You then set it up with rat poison.
  2. The box remains open. So the rats will be lured into this box, eat the poison, and then go die somewhere else. There are pros and cons to this obviously. The pro is that you may not have to dispose of the rat. The con is that perhaps you will though. If the rat wanders off to die somewhere else, and that somewhere else happens to be on your kitchen floor, that can be quite an alarming sight as you head for your morning coffee.

2. Rat Trap 4 Pack

[amazon_link asins=’B07413VWTC’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5b620700-3039-11e8-b807-c75c93753b5e’]

  1. This 4 pack is clearly for those of you out there with a serious rat or mouse problem. This trap holds the bait inside a box, and then when the rat or mouse takes the bait, a latch is sprung which shoots down onto the rodent. It will then hold the rodent until it dies, inside the box.
  2. The pro to this trap is that you will know where the dead rodent is to dispose of. It also guarantees a dead rodent or your money back. You can’t beat that.

3. Victor Electronic Rat Trap


  1. This rat trap is quick and easy. You install 4C batteries, bait the trap, and wait. The trap is tunnel-shaped with a wide opening. Once the rat enters the tunnel and takes the bait, it will be shocked with high voltage. The rodent will then die instantly in place. You can now dispose of said rodent without even touching it. In the interest of a quick, painless death that is no muss, no fuss, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

4. Humane No Kill

[amazon_link asins=’B077SFGRB4′ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ad430645-3039-11e8-95ba-79d47168311c’]

  1. This trap is a large tube with a latched door on one side. You simply place peanut butter or rat food from the pet store inside the tube at the far end. It will then enter the trap, triggering the spring on the door, and the door will close, trapping the rat inside to enjoy its meal while it waits for you to discover. You then take it out into the woods or over to the human society, and release it.

5. Rat Bait Station 2 Pack

[amazon_link asins=’B0725X2WHJ’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d2fc5025-3039-11e8-9c96-a5b7c13caeec’]

  1. This trap could really go either way, depending on the bait. This trap is similar to the first one, the Gpthom, in that it is a box with bait inside. The difference here is that a door springs shut when the rat enters. So here you can make a decision. Do you want to put rat poison inside, or peanut butter?
  2. The trap comes with a key for the door, so you can lock this rodent away until you can carry it off, far away from home. Conversely, you can poison it and lock it up until you have a chance to dispose of it. Either way, you know your children and pets will not have to deal with a live or dead, poisoned rat once it’s been in the trap.

Final Thoughts

Now you know your options, grab some poison, or not, and trap a rat!

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