The Best Pocket Knives For Women (5 Sharp Choices)

the best pocket knives for women 5 sharp choices

Pocket knives are truly some of the most useful tools in existence. Not only are they good for self-defense, but they can also come in handy for wildlife hunting, building shelters, cutting limbs/branches, etc. Every pocket knife is made differently from the next, and along with the basic pocket knives that are out there, there are also ones made specifically for the female demographic. Today, we’re looking at the best pocket knives for women.

Why are we focusing on this? We’ve done a lot of coverage on pocket knives for men, but we figured it was time to talk to our female readers. Although a lot of pocket knives can be used universally by both men and women, there are some that are made specifically with a lady in mind.

Although these differences might be small, they’re substantial enough for us to talk about them. So, with that said, here are our top 5 choices for the best pocket knife for a woman.

1. Femme Fatale Ladies’ Pocket Knife

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Our first pocket knife is the Femme Fatale Ladies’ Pocket Knife. This isn’t a discrete pocket knife by any means, but for those looking for something with an exquisite and beautiful design, this is certainly right up your alley.

Femme Fatale calls the color of this pocket knife “Rainbow”, and that certainly is quite fitting. There are a variety of different colors throughout both the handle and blade for this knife, and the end result is something that really does look like a luxurious jewelry piece of some sort.

The blade measures in at 3 1/4-inches, and when the blade is opened up, the product as a whole is 7 1/4-inches long. A clip on the back of the knife makes it super simple to attach to a purse, backpack, or pocket, and the entirely stainless steel construction ensures that this thing will be able to withstand quite a few years of use.

You shouldn’t have to sharpen the blade once it’s shipped to you, and the mechanism for opening and closing the blade is very simple as well. Also, thanks to the weight of 0.8-ounces, you shouldn’t have any trouble carrying this knife with you no matter where you go.

2. Tanking Pink Key Knife

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This next pocket knife has the most unique design out of any of the other options on this list, and it’s the Tanking Pink Key Knife. This particular pocket knife takes the form of a regular key rather than a traditional pocket-knife body, and this makes it a great option for women who want to have a constant protection without making it readily apparent that they’re carrying a weapon with them.

There’s a 2-inch stainless steel straight-edged blade hidden inside the body, and the key itself is also made out of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and longevity. Plus, the bright pink color adds a nice sense of fashion and makes it quite difficult to misplace the item.

We would have liked to see some sort of button mechanism for quickly popping out the blade, but it’s easy enough to fold it in and out depending on when you want to use it. The “key” easily attaches to your regular key ring, and it’s extremely lightweight at only 0.6-ounces. If you’re looking for the best knife for female self-defense, this is easily one of your best options.

3. TAC Force Master Collection MC-A013PE

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Next up is the TAC Force Master Collection MC-A013PE. TAC Force is a brand that we’ve covered quite a few times on ABL, and when it comes to female-centric pocket knives, this is one of the best options out there.

Like the Femme Fatale knife we previously looked at, this features a very vibrant and colorful design that’s sure to catch the attention of a lot of our visitors reading this article. The purple, silver, and gold handle looks truly stunning, and the ocean-themed blade is downright gorgeous. The handle itself is made out of aluminum, and this makes the whole product feel extremely durable and sturdy.

A pocket clip makes it super easy for carrying the MC-A013PE with you wherever you go, and the 5-inch closed-length means that this knife is relatively compact as well. Something else that we really came to love in our testing of the knife is the spring-assisted opening mechanism. This means that the blade can pop out in the blink of an eye, and in those situations where you need to protect yourself at a moment’s notice, this can be extremely handy.

4. Kershaw 1620PUR Scallion Folding Knife with SpeedSafe

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If you’re looking for something that’s not quite as flashy but still looks quite nice, we recommend checking out the Kershaw 1620PUR Scallion Folding Knife with SpeedSafe. The purple handle allows for some much-appreciated color, but the lack of flashy designs and multiple colors will likely come as a relief to those who don’t want anything too over the top.

Kershaw’s knife is made right here in the United States, and the handle is made out of 6060-T6 anodized aluminum. The blade length measures 2.4-inches, the package as a whole measures 3.5-inches when closed, and when the blade is open, you’re looking at a total length of 5.75-inches.

The weight of 2.5-ounces keeps the knife relatively lightweight, and the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism allows for quick and easy access at a moment’s notice.

5. Valtev Small Folding Pocket Knife

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Our final pick on our list of the best pocket knives for women is the Valtev Small Folding Pocket Knife. This is the smallest knife on our list with the traditional pocket knife design, but despite its smaller size, it still manages to pack a fairly long blade.

The knife measures in at just 3 1/8-inches when closed, and the blade measures in at an impressive 2 1/4-inches. Better yet, the 3CR13 stainless steel construction of the blade allows for maximum durability, and its hardness rating of 56 means that it’ll be able to keep a very clean edge and won’t give you any trouble when it’s time to sharpen it up.

The handle is made out of an anodize aluminum, and the pink color looks great. However, if pink really isn’t for you, there’s also a yellow and black option to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a man or women, preppers of all kinds should absolutely outfit themselves with as trusty of a pocket knife as possible. The 5 mentioned here are some of our favorites when it comes to pocket knives made for females, as they offer a lot of power, function and attractive designs. Whether you need a knife for self-defense, hunting, general use, or all of the above, these knives will get the job done and then some.

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