Best Travel Bottles for Toiletries: 5 to Get Out and Fly!

Ah, air travel. It really isn’t what it once was. Once upon a time, you could get on a plane, no ID, keep your shoes on, carry on your bag with giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and sit back and relax during your flight. With your bottle opener in your pocket. Then one fool had to go and hide a bomb in his shoe and mess it up for all the rest of us. Now we can’t even bring toothpaste on the plane. Now we need the best travel bottles for toiletries, so we don’t have to throw them away at the gate.


The TSA now has regulations that require all toiletry bottles to be smaller than 3.4 ounces. You will essentially be able to travel with enough to get you through your week’s vacation. You hope. You can pile all your toiletries into one ziplock bag, but be sure none of them go over the limit, or you may end up raising red flags and getting pulled to the side. You do not want to deal with airport security if you can avoid it.


So what you want are bottles that are stylish but not too big. You’ll need the best travel bottles that are easy to fill and won’t leak all over the bag you’ve got them in. What a pain to arrive at your destination only to find your expensive conditioner has coated all of your other bottles. Or that they have all blended together. You’ll need tightly secure lids and squeezable bottles. You don’t want to have to fight to get your shampoo out of the travel bottle.

Best Travel Bottles for Toiletries: Top 5

1. Oursunshine

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  1. These bottles come in two sizes and two colors. You can get them in 2 oz. or 3 oz., both of which would be fine for travel. You can mix and match them with dark and light gray, rainbow colors, or blue and pink. The color change up is nice because you can color code what you’re packing, light gray for conditioner, dark gray for shampoo, and so on.
  2. These bottles are squeezable and even foldable, so you never have to worry about not getting all of your liquid out of the bottle. They also have wide mouth openings, so you will be able to fill and refill them as needed. They are also leak-proof, which means you can travel without worrying about losing your fancy face wash in a tragic spill.

2. Olanmark

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  1. Olanmark is really going for the win with its 3 oz. travel bottles. They come in a range of colors, they are squeezable and foldable, and they have a wide mouth for filling and refilling. To add to this they also have a drip-proof cap, so you can save every single ounce of liquid while traveling. When it comes to things like face wash or liquid foundation, that savings is huge. As a bonus, you’ll even get two toothbrush covers.

3. Showpin

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  1. These may be the best travel containers for toiletries. They come almost to the top of the limit, so they are one of the biggest you can find at 3.3 oz. They have all the usual requirements, wide opening, squeeze bottles, and leak-proof cap. They also sit upside down; the liquid is available on demand. In fact, they don’t just sit upside down; they can also hang.
  2. Each of the four bottles has a hole in the top so you can suspend your bottles from hooks in the shower if your hotel happens to have them. Further, this set comes with a toothbrush cover and a jar of cream. You even get labels for each bottle. Talk about the total package.

4. Segsi

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  1. It is back to basics with these travel bottles. If you already have everything else you need and you are simply in the market for cute travel bottles, these are the ones for you. You get a set of four leaks proof, wide opening, multicolored squeeze bottles that are food grade safe. So you can throw your ketchup and mustard in there, or baby food if you want to.
  2. Each 3 oz. the bottle comes with a heart design on the front, so be prepared; they are a bit girly.

5. Travel Smart

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  1. So here you have the whole shebang. Literally, you get toiletry bottles with squeeze tops, you get a spray bottle, you get multiple small jars for creams, and you get all of it wrapped in a zipper bag. You quite clearly don’t need anything else.

Final Thoughts

So why the “top five” article? Why not just sell the last set? Because in the end, it comes down to aesthetics. Most of the best travel bottles will meet all the basic needs. You just have to make sure you’re traveling according to your own style.

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