China Ships In US Waters (The Current Situation Right Now!)


When you think of the giant powerhouses in the World, what countries immediately come to mind? For a lot of people, these countries likely include the United States, China, Russia, and North Korea. China and the United States have quite a long history together, and one of the hottest debates in the world at the moment has to do with China ships in US waters.

People have recently been talking about Chinese ships off the US coast, and the thought of this likely creates fear for some of you reading this. Why does China have ships on our coast and what do they want to do with us?

Today, we’re going to be talking about everything you need to know about China ships in US waters. We’ll look at the last time there have been Chinese Navy ships off the US coast, what our current coast looks like, and what the future may hold.

There’s a lot of ground for us to cover today, so without further ado, let’s get right into things.

Are there currently Chinese ships on the US coast?

Although a quick Google search may lead you to believe that there are Chinese ships all over the US coast, this simply is not true.

In fact, the last time Chinese ships were on our coastline was back in 2015 (more on this later).

The conversation of “fake news” is one that’s worth having, and with so many headlines both true and false circulating around everywhere you look, it’s important to not jump immediately to conclusions and to take a step back to truly understand just what’s actually taking place.

At the time of writing this article, there are no ships from China to be found anywhere on the United States’ coast. Everything is clear and smooth sailing, but if you don’t believe us, search around and find this info for yourself — we encourage it!

When was the last time there were China ships in US waters?

Following careful research, we were able to determine that the last time Chinese ships were on US waters was in September of 2015. There were exactly 5 ships that were spotted off of the Alaskan coast, and those ships then supposedly came into US territorial waters that measured just 12 nautical miles form the coast of our country.

According to a report from Fox News —

“Navy Commander Bill Urban, a Pentagon spokesman, confirmed (to Fox News) Wednesday that three surface warfare ships, one amphibious assault ship, and one supply vessel from the People’s Liberation Army Navy had been sighted in the Bering Sea. It was the first time the Chinese ships had been seen in the body of water separating Alaska and Russia.”

So, just why were these Chinese ships so close to the United States?

When the ships entered the waters during this time, they did so coinciding former President Barack Obama’s visit to Alaska. Obama focused on climate change during his visit here, and while some people were concerned that the ships were there to possibly attack the President, this never did turn out to be the case.

Officials from the United States’ Pentagon later commented and said that all of the Chinese ships were following international law and that the actions of the Chinese Navy were within, “innocent passage.”

This statement was then followed up by another Pentagon spokesperson saying the Chinese ships, “transited expeditiously and continuously through the Aleutian Island chain in a manner consistent with international law.”

While there was certainly talk of conspiracies and other matters during this time, the fact of the matter is that nothing serious or major took place during this time. The Chinese ships were acting in a perfectly legal and lawful manner, and that’s all there is to it.

Some folks will try to say otherwise, but from what we can tell, there’s no real story here aside from the fact that a few ships legally passed through waters that happened to be close to the United States.

What will happen if Chinese ships get close to the US again?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a very clear or concise answer for that.

Should Chinese ships enter US waters once again, they could be doing so in a perfectly legal way they did when they were near Alaska in 2015. Then again, they could also be here with harmful intentions — we simply do not know at this point in time.

As such, one of two things will likely happen:

One, the ships will pass through, not do a thing, and continue on their way with whatever they’re up to.

Two, they could start firing upon the United States and causing absolute madness.

Although that second point could potentially happen, the likelihood of it doing so is rather slim. Our country’s armed forces would pick up on such an attack before anything could harm the United States itself, and although missiles could eventually make their way to land, we would likely have plenty of warning before they did.

Should Chinese ships ever choose to attack us, you’ll then implement any prepper tactics that you’ve come to learn and know over the years.

You’ll want to have plenty of food and water on hand, you’ll need to have safe shelter to stay at, and ample tools and weapons will drastically come in handy depending on how bad things get.

We’re obviously talking about a worse case scenario here, but as a prepper, it’s important to always be prepared for the worst. It may not be a cheery or joyful thing to do, but it is extremely important when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Final Thoughts

To wrap all of this up, we want to reiterate the fact that there are currently no Chinese ships on US waters and we don’t envision that changing at any point soon. Tensions are high in the political realm at the moment, and while it’s always important to be ready and prepared for the worst, we don’t see anything becoming of this matter in the near future.

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