Getting The Best Silver Coins For Survival

best silver coins for survival

Silver is one of the world’s oldest currencies. In times of unrest or uncertainty you can use silver to

best silver for shtf
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make exchanges. If you are a prepper then silver is a must have for your preparation. Silver will give you and your family some soft assets if capital assets are destroyed or inaccessible. Therefore you should know the best silver coins for survival spending.


Silver is a little less valuable than gold at the moment. It is expensive but the price is lower which will allow you to purchase it easier. There is another benefit to silver being that it is more abundant than gold. Silver will be preferred as a currency over of gold. Silver coins survival purposes in the worst case scenario will be most likely that of a currency. 

Preservation of Purchasing Power

Even if you somehow are fully prepared for the worst case scenarios there may be items you lack. If paper money is useless you may see something someone else has and say ‘I would like to have that’.

Without a consistent means to exchange value, how are you going to be able to trade?.

How much silver should a prepper have is subjective. However you can assume that this amount is a value equivalent to 20% of your stock. Enough to start acquiring new resources or to get yourself established after a disaster.

Additionally depending on scarcity in your area the price of silver may increase to be larger than what you originally budget for.

Consider Silver Quality

When looking for a silver coin or round you need to know about the coin’s purity. Some coins are regarded as junk coins because they’re of a low purity of Silver or are very common. High Quality coins include the Silver American Eagle, rounds by APMEX and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf’s. The quality of these coins are 99.9% silver or more.

High quality coins means that you can transfer more value between. Additionally their rarity will give them a premium well in excess of their original value which will increase your purchasing power.

Look for well recognizable coins

The more recognizable the coins are the better they are for trade. The public minted coins are very recognizable in and of itself but there are some well recognizable privately minted rounds that will also be good for trade. You can look to APMEX as well as Morgan Silver Dollars for widespread recognizability.

The Best Coin options to consider
Silver American Eagle

The most widely used accepted silver coin is the Silver American Eagle. It is weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the United States Government. So if there is a disaster you can be rest assured that this will be one of the most widely used and accepted coins.

APMEX SIlver Rounds

These rounds have the highest weight to volume concentration of silver in it. These are 99.9% pure silver which is one of the highest grades you can get.

Silver Canadian Maple Leafs

These coins are of the same exceptional quality as APMEX rounds and the Silver American Eagles. They are un-circulated but are also legal tender with a quality of 99.9% Silver in its makeup.

Morgan Silver Dollars

If you wanted to trade with these coins then good news, they are easily recognizable. They were minted between 1878 and 1904. Collectors easily recognize them and due to once being a federal sanctions. They’re quality is only at 90%, however they are so recognizable that they are as valuable as the SIlver American Eagle in some cases.

So is Buying Silver Bullion a Good Idea?

The answer is yes. However you do not want to have much. Bullion is great for large purchases but may not do as well not acquire items on a day to day basis. APMEX and other private minters do offer Bullion for purchase and would make a great addition to your silver storage.

Final Thoughts


A prepper needs to purchase Silver coins, rounds and bullions in advance of adverse societal events. Even the most consistent prepper will have not be able to plan for everything. You may need to purchase something during a disaster and need a means of exchanging value. That is why silver is the best option.

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