Best Self Defense Weapon for Home (Bad Guy Beware)

best self defense weapon for home

When you’re at home you may want a little more security sometimes. Even at home you may find yourself at risk. Having the best self defense weapon for home dangers would help provide you with some peace of mind.

In the United States every year there is a reported 2 million break-ins with 66% of them being residential. Additionally most of these break-ins are done by petty crooks that are more desperate and dangerous.

What would you do if someone broke into your house and you or your family happened to be there? Or you walked in on a burglary?

When looking for a way to defend your home and family here are some options to start.

Flashlight Stun Gun

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This is a well-known options and one of the best home defense weapon. With it you will have stopping power irrespective of how strong you are. You can use it against a would be assailant without being experienced or having to run the risk of them dying.

The stun gun dispenses an electric charge that will immobilize an assailant by electrocuting on contact. The special feature of this is that it has a flashlight at the front to allow it to appear inconspicuous to incoming assailants.

It is easily rechargeable and can be used multiple times.

Key Chain Kubotans

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These are simple additions to your key chain that are made with the intent of being weaponized. These are usually blunt objects with tips to allow any blow you bring to a would be assailant to impact with greater pressure. You don’t need to worry as it is non-lethal but will leave an assailant in a great deal of pain. With this you will have one of the best self defense weapon besides a gun.

This item is perfect for when you fear getting ambushed walking to the door. Since it’s a key chain attachment you can use it immediately to deter any assailant from continuing an assault. The item helps to diminish the impact of strength difference between two persons allowing the wielder to potentially escape.

There are many variants of this item that you can purchase. Many different colors and different styles are there for you to choose whichever you want.

Pepper spray

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Getting this item will afford you a great defense option for you when you’re out or at home. It will allow you some range between any assailant and your person. If you get even a semi-clean shot at someone then that will be enough to immobilize or cause them to flee. This makes it one of the best home protection weapons out there.

They are generally small, easily concealed and have a range between 3 to 10 feet making it very versatile. This Pepper Spray has multiple uses; 8 or more per can. It can be used on multiple assailants simultaneously making it a must have.


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This beauty of this item is it’s retract ability. That makes it one of the best self-defense weapons besides a gun. The item is essentially a long metal rod that you can beat the assailant with.

You won’t have a problem using this item as it deploys quickly and it is very portable. The baton extends with a simple flick of the wrist then it locks into place. You can use it at mid-range to keep an assailant at a distance but it is not meant to immobilize or stop them.

Baseball Bat

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You will like the baseball bat plus you may already have one lying around. If you don’t then it’s a must have for securing your home. It’s not legally considered as a weapon but it delves out more damage than a baton plus with a wider reach.

A maple baseball bat is currently the most popular brand used by professional players in the MLB. The reason being due to its heavy weight and durability. This is something you can put to good use.

Final Thoughts

 Depending on where you live and what your personal situation is like, a weapon may be of great use to you or your family. Do take the necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe from harm.

These items however are not meant for a drawn out conflict but really they are deterrents. Under some circumstances a gun may be the best option especially if there are multiple assailants. Sometimes guns may be necessary as these options are only for deterrence and not for fighting.

Never try to detain assailants if they try to escape. Also call the police after any serious incident and try to keep safe.

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