Survival Communities in the USA: Apocalypse Now

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Survival communities are a new and fast-moving wave. Of course, there have always been doomsayers among us, but as terrorism escalates, climate change seems more and more real every day, and World War III seems more likely as North Korea and The United States seem to be playing a game of nuclear chicken, survival is on many people’s minds. And survivalists come from all walks of life and live in every part of the world. Survival communities in the USA can be found anywhere and led by anyone.

The Rich

Of course the wealthy have picked up on the trend to build a survival community. The wealthy are wealthy for reason; they typically innovate and have their fingers on the pulse of consumers. Well, consumers want a place to stay when nuclear bombs drop. It would be nice to have a safe spot to hunker down when the oceans rise. Also, when zombies attack. It could happen.

About a year ago The New Yorker did a piece on the super wealthy and their escape plans. Many of the tech gods from Silicon Valley have already build an escape hatch, not too far, but not too close from the West Coast. You want to be able to get to it quickly even if all means of transportation shut down, but you want it to be far enough from major cities and coastlines that your beautiful getaway isn’t bombed or flooded.

Forbes then covered a company, founded by one of our nation’s wealthy, that is outfitting bunkers in South Dakota. These underground “igloos” were built out by the US government during post World War II. They were inhabited by the men and women building them, but by the time the bunkers were done, enough to house 5,000 people, the real danger of nuclear war had passed. The igloos have sat vacant since then. Robert Vicino and his company Vivos are changing all that.

Vivos is outfitting these underground igloos, already fully equipped to protect anyone in them from any major disaster that occurs in the outside world, to be an underground community of survivalists. He says he’s already gotten hundreds of requests to buy a bunker.

The Preppers

Then there are the old school preppers, the ones you would expect to be building a cabin out in the woods and have the ability to fish with dental floss if out of fishing line. These men and women are usually ex-military, outdoors people by nature, and they are watching extremism escalate. These preppers are forming survival communities in the USA in the most out of the way places.

The redoubt is the word used to refer to the communities many preppers are moving to in the Pacific Northwest, far enough from the coast to be safe. You can find them living off the land in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, and Eastern Washington and Oregon. They are no fools. They have their finger on the pulse of current events, and they’d rather be safe than sorry.

The Eccentric

And then there are the very small, out of the way groups that may have taken things a little far. You are bound to find religious groups who are holed up out of the way awaiting the rapture. A survival community is no exception. There is indeed even one religious community out in Missouri that has just two members. They are open to recruiting and including more, but for the time being it is just the two of them. If you are interested in joining them, they even have an online site where you can reach out to them.

Final Thoughts

The end of days are coming. Someday. Eventually. It is, after all, inevitable. All stars die. Sure, the earth is not set to die for millions if not billions of years, but of course, there are many factors that could speed things up, like nuclear chicken for example. Each of us has options; we can live in fear, and isolate ourselves, we can ignore it all and hope for the best, or, like many survivalists, we can form and join communities that will benefit us even if the earth doesn’t die before we do.


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