Uses for Used Motor Oil at Home (Recycle When You Can)

uses for used motor oil at home
used motor oil to seal wood
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Have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do with your used motor oil? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. The answer is yes! Believe it or not, there are actually many uses for used motor oil at home!

Don’t be put off by the dirty look motor oil can take on after it’s been used. Motor oil can be cleaned of its contaminants and used time and time again. Things are constantly changing. You never know when a time might come where access to new motor oil is restricted.

Knowing how to recycle and reuse motor oil can be a skill that comes in handy in a crucial moment.


What Can Be Done with Old Engine Oil?

Do not throw your used engine oil away. There is no reason! It can be used for many purposes again. The first thing you want to do is add a motor oil change kit to your equipment collection. That way you’ll be able to remove and recycle your used engine oil on your own.

In order to recycle and reuse your engine oil, there are a few processes that it can go through. For your main purposes, you will want to focus on filtering your used engine oil. Once it’s filtered, you will discover many uses for your used engine oil.

Before you filter your used engine oil, you want to dewater it. This can be done by putting the used oil into a large settling tank to separate the oil and water.  After your used engine oil has been separated from water, you can filter it to remove any solids that remain present in your oil.

Then you will be able to recycle your engine oil in many ways.


What Can You Do with Used Car Oil?

Once you have filtered your used car oil, you will find that there are many uses of used motor oil at home. If you know how to use it then you will see that it comes in handy.

Two main ways that you can recycle your used car oil are to heat your home by putting the filtered used oil in your furnaces, and for blending with diesel fuel for use in heavy duty machines like your lawnmower or chainsaw.

These aren’t the only ways to reuse your car oil, however. Here are some less well-known uses for your used motor oil:

  • Weatherize wood and protect it from animals and insects.
  • Create makeshift torches.
  • Use carefully on pets for mange, mites, and fleas.
  • Keep tools rust free and clean.
  • Mix with gasoline to stretch your tractor’s fuel reserves.
  • Keep on hand to start fires in any situation.
  • Use with steel wool to remove rust.
  • Soften and clean leather boots.

Did you learn some new ways to recycle your used motor oil? It’s important to be aware of materials you already have around which can serve multiple purposes if necessary.


How to Store Used Motor Oil

With this new insight that you should save and recycle your used motor oil instead of simply disposing of it, you’ll need to learn how to properly and safely store it until you want to use it.

There are various contaminants and impurities contained in used motor oil that can cause environmental damage if not stored correctly, which is why it’s imperative to heed the storage guidelines.

  • Store used motor in clean, plastic containers which do not contain any leaks or rust.
  • Never store used motor oil in containers that once held other chemicals, or even food.
  • Do not mix used motor oil with paint, solvents, or antifreeze.
  • Check used motor oil storage bottles regularly for signs of deterioration, and replace as necessary.

Recycling and storing used motor oil can help you later in the event of an emergency where the oil could serve many purposes. But if it is not stored safely, used motor oil can be hazardous.


Final Thoughts

Who knew that used motor oil was yet another thing better recycled than disposed of? You will be glad that you learned about the various reuses of motor oil in times when access to the oil is restricted or difficult. It’s even a practical idea to store your used motor oil in your garage or basement for possible need. Just make sure to put safety first and store properly.

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