Best Concealed Carry Jacket (5 All-Time Favorites)

best concealed carry jacket

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you or someone you know chooses to conceal carry. Concealed carry is one of the absolute best laws in our country, and while some may debate the opposite, any laws that offer swift and available protection against harm is one that we can agree with. Lots of preppers choose to conceal carry for obvious reasons, but not all of them own the best concealed carry jacket that the market has to offer.

The topic of concealed carry usually sparks conversation over guns and weapons, but the way that you actually conceal what you’re carrying is just as important. You want to ensure that you properly hide your firearm without looking suspicious or out of place, and that’s exactly what the best concealed carry jackets are set out to do.

Concealed-carry jackets have become somewhat popular over the past few years, and with so many new entries coming into play, we’re getting more and more awesome jackets for those purpose than ever before.

These are the 5 best concealed carry jackets that you can buy.

1.Rothco 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket

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When it comes to the best CCW jacket, one company that stands out among the rest is Rothco. Rothco has spent a lot of time specializing in creating some of the finest concealed-carry jackets around, and the company’s 3 Season offering is one of our top choices.

As the name suggests, Rothco has designed this jacket to be worn through the fall, winter, and spring. The 100% cotton outer shell and polyester inner lining create for a jacket that feels very warm and soft, and the comfort levels here are shockingly high.

Inside of the jacket, you’ll find two inner concealment pockets where you can store your firearms. These pockets rest on either side, and the hook-and-loop closure allow for extremely easy access — something that’s important in a SHTF setting.

In addition to this, you’ll also find four inner mag pockets with a hook-and-loop system once more. This added storage is really great to see, and having that peace of mind of being able to carry so much ammo with you really is something special.

2.Berne Men’s Concealed Carry Echo One Jacket

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For those of you looking for a jacket that’s a bit heavier for those truly bitter-cold nights, the Berne Men’s Concealed Carry Echo One Jacket is another phenomenal choice. The concealed-carry cargo pockets on the jacket are designed to be ambidextrous, and they tear down very quickly so you can access your weapon in the blink of an eye.

There’s an alternating system of velcro and elastic for a MOLLE grid that allows you to easily store holsters, ammo pouches, and other attachments, and the 12-ounce 100% cotton feels fantastic and does a great job at keeping you warm throughout even the coolest of weather.

Berne sells this jacket in two different colors (Bark and Black), and combination of features and style here is what really sets this jacket apart from its many competitors.

3.Condor Men’s Phantom Soft Shell Jacket

[amazon_link asins=’B005ZHPGDO’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b80324da-ac59-11e7-a5cc-73d8b10730bf’]

If you’ve been a prepper for any amount of time, you’re likely somewhat familiar with Condor. Condor makes a wide array of different prepper-related products, and one of the latest we’ve discovered from the company is its Men’s Phantom Soft Shell Jacket.

With this jacket, there are a lot of different features to keep your eye on. First off, the outer layer is made of 100% polyester that allows it to be warm, flexible, and highly versatile for all sorts of environments. A vertical chest pocket on the left side can be used for housing a small gun, and a 4 x 4-inch patch panel and zipper pocket on the left arm allow for easy access to store ammo or other small belongings.

Draw-string bands along the waist allow you to get the perfect fit no matter your shape or size, and adjustable wrist cuffs contribute to this same theme. Condor offers a wide array of colors to choose from, and the overall build of the jacket itself is very sleek and subdued.

4.Maelstrom TAC PRO Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

Next up is the Maelstrom TAC PRO Soft Shell Tactical Jacket. This jacket is a bit heavier-duty than the Condor one above, and this is another option that’s absolutely packed to the gills with awesome features.

The outer shell of the TAC PRO uses a 3-layer fabric construction that does wonders for deflecting wind, wicking away moisture, and even retaining body heat. The jacket is not only durable, but it’s also lightweight, breathable, and even water-resistant.

Inside you’ll find a soft fleece lining that maintains warmth throughout your body while still allowing you to easily breathe, and zippered pockets throughout offer for great storage. There’s a shoulder pocket on each arm, a forearm pocket on the left arm, two front slash, zippered pockets on the chest, two zippered back pockets with a mesh lining, and even vent zippers under both arms.

As if that wasn’t enough, the TAC PRO also comes with a 4 x 4-inch loop on each shoulder for quick patch attachments.

5.Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

[amazon_link asins=’B004Z1VU04′ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2d860019-ac5a-11e7-8a62-5b9961b90b87′]

Our last pick for the best concealed carry jacket is the Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket. Our second Rothco jacket does share some similarities to the other one we already talked about, but there are some key differences here that make it a more compelling buy for certain preppers.

Similar to the Maelstrom jacket, this Rothco one also uses a 3-layer construction that retains body heat, wicks moisture, and deflects wind. This jacket can comfortable be worn in the fall, winter, and spring, and the fleece-lined color comes with a concealed detachable hood that should really come in handy during those winter months.

The 100% polyester shell is totally waterproof, and the wide variety of colors that Rothco sells this jacket in all look fantastic. There are a ton of pockets throughout all parts of the jacket for easily concealing a small firearm or two, and there’s also plenty of space for packing extra ammo as well.

Final Thoughts

Not as much thought goes into the buying process for concealed-carry jackets as the concealed weapons themselves, but hopefully this is a habit you’ll be able to break after reading through this list. Concealed carry jackets are awesome tools for effectively hiding your weapon while staying warm and looking great, and all 5 of the jackets on this list are some of the best when it comes to this.

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