Buying The Best EDC Belt For You (5 Superior Options)

best edc belt

Being a prepper, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to ensure that you’re always outfitted with the necessary knowledge, tools, clothing, etc. The prepper lifestyle is a demanding one, and although it isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s extremely rewarding for those that choose and are able to live it out. There are many, many bits of gear that every prepper should be equipped with, and today we’re going to focusing specifically on owning the best EDC belt.

An EDC Belt (also referred to as an everyday carry belt or tactical belt) is often used by preppers as a more functional and versatile belt than what you’d find with other options out there.

Everyday carry belts generally provide the wearer with more features and strength than what traditional belts are capable of, and because of this, they’re much better suited for the prepper lifestyle and survival situations.

If you need some help going about this buying process, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the 5 best EDC belts that money can buy.

1. Condor Tactical Belt

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The first belt you should look into is the Condor Tactical Belt. Condor is one of the most-trusted names when it comes to prepper gear/equipment, and the company’s Tactical Belt is a perfect example of just why this is.

Made out of a durable nylon material, this belt offers a great combination of being durable and comfortable to wear at the same time. The variety of colors that the belt comes in means that you shouldn’t have any issues getting something that matches with the rest of your outfit, and Condor says that its belt can fit waists up to 44-inches.

Along with the belt itself, Condor also includes 2 magazine pouches for offering quick and easy access to any ammo that you need to rapidly call upon in an emergency situation. The 2-inch wide buckle is very easy to grab onto, and the quick release system means that taking it on and off is a breeze.

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt

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Gerber is another big name in the prepper world, and the Bear Grylls Survival Belt is a fantastic alternative to the Condor Tactical Belt if you have a few more dollars to spend.

This belt is made using a versatile webbing system, and it was created with daily wear in mind. Because of this, the belt manages to not only be super durable, but also something that you don’t dread putting on each and every day.

A lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum is used for the belt buckle here, and this is combined with a glass-filled nylon compartment and cap to go along with it. The rear of the buckle is home to a removable mini-screwdriver, and it comes with both a flat and Phillips head.

Even better, a hidden zippered compartment can be found in the belt, and this acts as a great way to store cash. matches, and other small items that you don’t want out in plain sight. Combine all of this with a one-size-fits all design, and the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt really does have it all.

3. Klik Belts World’s Strongest Belt

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If you have even more money to spend and want a belt that absolutely will not break no matter what the conditions are, then we highly recommend you look into the Klik Belts World’s Strongest Belt. This is a ridiculously durable belt, and for preppers that are especially tough on their gear, this one is a no-brainer.

The main portion of the belt is made out of nylon, and like what you’d find with many other belts along these lines, the material of choice here is comfortable to wear and nearly impossible to break/tear. Klik Belts uses a special webbing for the nylon, and this helps to further reinforce these two points more than what you see from the competition.

As for the belt buckle, this is made out of 7075 aluminum alloy. This is the same type of metal that’s used in the aerospace industry, and it seriously is one of the strongest and toughest belt bucks we’ve ever tested.

Klik Belts makes all of its belts here in the United States, and along with this, each and every belt comes with its own lifetime warranty.

4. Blue Alpha Gear 1.5” Cobra EDC Belt

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Blue Alpha Gear’s 1.5” Cobra EDC Belt is another pretty expensive option, but once again, that extra cash is money that’s very well spent. This particular belt is made using 2 individual layers of 1.5-inch nylon webbing, and this allows it to be extremely stiff. This does mean that the belt isn’t quite as comfortable to wear as other picks on this list, but it certainly is one of the toughest and strongest.

The buckle is of the cobra design, and this also feels very reliable and like something that won’t let you down when you need it the most. The no-questions-asked lifetime warranty is another great thing to see, and we especially love that this is another belt that’s made in the USA.

5. Triwonder Men’s 1.5 Inch Tactical Heavy Duty Belt

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Finally, the Triwonder Men’s 1.5 Inch Tactical Heavy Duty Belt is our fifth and final pick for the best EDC belt that money can buy. This is the cheapest belt on our list, but it also offers some of the best value that you can find.

The belt itself has a length of 31 to 37-inches, and the width measures in at 1.5-inches. Nylon is once again the material of choice, and the military style webbing creates for a great combo of comfort and reliability.

In addition to the belt itself, Triwonder also includes a free pouch that can be used for holding tools, your cell phone, key chain, and any other accessories that you want to have easy access to. This pouch uses the MOLLE system attachment straps, and it’s just as well-made as the belt.

Final Thoughts

Everyday carry belts might not seem like the most important or exciting piece of gear in the world, but they absolutely have their place. Not every prepper chooses to invest into a proper tactical belt, but those that do are much better off in a SHTF scenario. Seeing as how that’s what the prepper life is all about, picking up one of the 5 above belts will go a long way in helping you keep you and your family that much safe in a time of need.

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