The 5 Best Survival Weapons (Not Guns) That You Can Buy

best survival weapons not guns

If you’re like most preppers, you probably want to ensure that you and your family are safe no matter what sort of situation arises. You can protect your family with a variety of different equipment, and while guns certainly have their place in a prepper’s life, today we’re going to be looking at alternatives to these that are sometimes even more useful depending on the situation. These are the 5 best survival weapons, not guns, that you need to own.

While guns are excellent items to own for hunting, keeping yourself safe, and many other things, sometimes you want to be more stealthy or get up close and personal with your perpetrator — two things usually not accomplishable with a firearm.

Additionally, you may find yourself in a setting where a gun simply isn’t the most ideal tool for the job. There are a lot of different scenarios that we could play through, but bottom line, it all comes down to outfitting yourself with as many options as you can.

With that being said, here are our 5 picks for the best self-defense weapon besides a gun.

1. Tactical Pen Self Defense Weapon Military & Police Grade

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Tactical pens are one of the most popular PDW weapons on the market, and if you’ve got yet to pick one up for yourself, the main one you should be considering is the one from 2CL Direct. Simply put, this tactical pen is loaded with a ton of features that could seriously come in handy in a ton of real-world scenarios.

As with most tactical pens, the main feature here is the tungsten steel glass breaker at the very top. This can be used for breaking glass when in a bad spot, such as a car, building, etc. On the opposite end of it is a tactical flashlight, and since this is a pen after all, you can also use it to write.

In addition to this, this pen also comes loaded with an anti-skid grip, aircraft aluminum build, pocket clip so you never lose the thing, included battery, multi-tool, and even more. This pen really does do it all, and does everything for an extremely low/affordable price.

2. XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kt 13 in 1

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Another way to provide yourself with home defense without a gun is by picking up XUALAN’s Emergency Survival Kit. This comes with a ton of different gadgets and gizmos, with one of the most notable being — you guessed it — a tactical pen! This pen is quite as feature-heavy as the 2CL Direct one we just talked about, but it does offer a glass-breaker and writing function.

In addition to the pen, XUALAN also includes a flashlight, emergency whistle that can go as loud as 120db, credit card multi-tool, compass, emergency blanket, wrist band with a compass, and more.

You’re definitely going to pay more money upfront for XUALAN’s kit compared to the single tactical pen that 2CL Direct is selling, but if you want a lot of different tools that you can disperse among members in your party, this is a fantastic choice.

3. United Cutlery UC2961 United M48 Talon Survival Spear With Sheath

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Small personal defense weapons like the ones above are great, but what if you want something that gives you a bit more range? Spears are some of the oldest weapons around, and United Cutlery’s modern take on one with the UC2961 is downright amazing.

This spear measures in at 44 1/8-inches overall, and as for the blade itself, it comes in at 8-inches. The 2CR13 stainless steel is some of the strongest around, and the included TPR snap sheath helps to protect the blade when you don’t need to use it.

A grip towards the top provides great control over the spear while using it, making it ideal for throwing or hand-to-hand combat. Also, the weight of just 7-ounces helps the spear stay relatively lightweight so you won’t get worn out should you ever have to use it.

This spear obviously isn’t the most compact thing around, but if you’re looking for a weapon that’s more powerful than a tactical knife and can be used for self-defense and efficient hunting, this is one of the best products you can pick up — especially when you consider the price.

4. Grizzly Bone Combo Pack

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Going back to another combo-pack type of product, the Grizzly Bone Combo Pack manages to give buyers three excellent tools while still keeping the price very low and affordable.

The first gadget that you get is a wrist band. The band itself is made out of Velcro, and it functions both as a survival whistle and fire starter. This is also accompanied by the credit card knife, which looks just like a credit card when folded up. However, open up this bad boy, and you’ve got access to a blade that is extremely effective for all sorts of short-range ordeals.

Lastly, the multi-tool that’s included offers a ton of function in such a small footprint. This tool comes with a locking system so you can easily attach it to a water bottle, backpack, or other item of clothing, and it includes a bottle opener, two screwdrivers, molded finger grooves, and more.

5. Mace Brand Pepper Spray Pepper Gun

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Last but not least, how could we talk about the best survival weapons (not guns) without mentioning good old pepper spray? Pepper spray options can seem like a dime a dozen these days, but one of our favorites is the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Pepper Gun.

Although this takes the shape of a gun, it uses pepper spray rather than live ammo. The spray that’s found here is 10% OC Pepper Formula, and it delivers a seriously powerful kick when used. The spray also features a UV Dye, meaning that you can easily track the perpetrator or animal that you shot with the thing.

Mace says that you can expect up to 7 sprays before needed to refuel, and the range here goes up to 20 feet. All of this is crammed into a very tiny package, and it’s easily one of our favorite options for quick and easy self defense.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the power and usefulness of firearms, but sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a situation that’s much better-suited for something else. All five of the products mentioned here are some of the best non-firearm weapons that money can buy, and no matter which one you choose, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound at all times.

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