Why The FerFAL Blog Is One Of The Best Around (4 Reasons)


If you’ve ever jumped online to look up survivalist or prepper blogs, then you’re well aware as to just how many are out there. It seems like everyone and their cousin is now sharing their thoughts on how to prepare for the end of days, and while all of this info can be very helpful at times, it also makes finding truly great info a bit more difficult. Even with all of these newcomers hitting the scene, the FerFAL blog remains as one of our constant favorites.

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the main author for The Modern Survivalist, and he’s proven himself over the years as one of the best prepper masters around. FerFAL has been through some seriously rough situations throughout his life, and because of this and a lot more, he’s one of the voices that we trust the absolute most.

The FerFAL thoughts on urban survival and other mattes are some of the best that you’ll ever find, and here are 4 reasons why think he’s the best voice in the prepper world today.

1. FerFAL survived the Argentine socio-economic collapse of 2001

Perhaps the reason that FerFAL is so well known and trusted is because of the fact that he survived through the social and economic collapse of Argentina in 2001. This collapse is the absolute worst that the country has ever seen, and it was an extremely hard and rigorous time for everyone in the area.

An economic/social collapse is something that we here in the US readily prepare for, and FerFAL has actually been through one. This means that the man has firsthand experience with what occurs during such an event, and the experience and knowledge that FerFAL got out of his experience during this time is truly invaluable.

Likely due to his time in Argentina during the collapse, FerFAL approaches the subject of prepping with a no-nonsense attitude that we really appreciate. This approach to the subject of surviving and prepping is one of the most effective ones around, and it means that FerFAL delivers advice and tips in a no-frills manner by getting straight to the point of what he has to say.

Some people have said that this makes FerFAL’s writing a bit dry, but we don’t think so at all. Unnecessary fluff is always annoying, and being able to get concrete info without beating around the bush is one of FerFAL’s strong suites.

2. Dealing and trading antique guns

At one point in his life, FerFAL ran an antique gun trading business. While this may not seem like a huge advantage right away, it has allowed him to have tremendous insight when it comes to creating a plan for SHTF procedures and processes.

While running this antique gun trading business, FarFAL actively handled and used a wide array of firearms, ammo, and even cleaning supplies for these things.

Since he was able to deal with so many of these guns and their respective ammunition, FerFAL knows exactly what sort of weapon is the best fit for pretty much any possible situation.

Every gun has its own unique set of pros and cons, and few people out there have a better understanding of this than FerFAL.

While there are plenty of other elements to think about when it comes to prepping and surviving, this is an extremely important one that could make the difference between life or death in a certain setting or situation.

As such, getting your info from someone who’s spent a good deal of time in this field is a huge advantage.

3. The Modern Survivalist

Despite the wide onslaught of prepper websites that are now available, few are as well-known and popular as The Modern Survivalist. The Modern Survivalist has been run by FerFAL for a number of years, and when you hear someone talking about the FerFAL blog, this is likely what they’re referring to.

The Modern Survivalist has been the go-to destination for preppers and survivalists for a number of years, and while we do have our own prepper website to run and manage here on ABL, we aren’t afraid to say that we’re frequent visitors of FerFAL’s site too.

Some of the best info and guides for surviving can be found on The Modern Survivalist, and if video is more your thing, FerFAL has also built up an extremely impressive YouTube channel to go along with it.

With more than 26,000 subscribes and 7,882,664 views, FerFAL’s YouTube channel for The Modern Survivalist provides the same top-notch info but in a video format that’s quick and easy to digest wherever you may be.

4. The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse

In addition to creating one of the most popular survivalist websites ever, FarFAL is also the author of The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse. This book describes FarFAL’s firsthand experience during the 2001 collapse in Argentina, and it’s considered to be one of the best survivalist books every written.

In addition to talking about is time in Argentina all those years ago, FerFAL also dives into various topics of discussion to help you and your family prepare for numerous situations as well, including how to prepare your finances for an economic collapse, how to gather up food supplies during a food shortage, how to fight with various weapons and objects, and more.

The book can be found for just a little more than $15 on Amazon, and it’s worth every single penny. There’s info in here that you won’t find on FerFAL’s website, and it’s easily one of our most highly-recommend prepper books currently available.

Final Thoughts

The FerFAL blog might be one of the older sites around in the prepper world, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s packed to the gills with useful and helpful info, and while we still encourage you to actively visit our site, we also suggest checking out what FerFAL has to say on the matter of survival if you haven’t already. This is a man that seriously knows what he’s talking about, and it’s insanely valuable info we wouldn’t want you to miss out on.

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