50 Best Survival Blogs (Worthwhile Blogs To Get You Prepared)

50 Best Survival Blogs

Here on A B.O.B List, we try to provide you with the absolute best information that we can to help you be as prepared as possible by delivering topnotch survival tactics on a regular basis. However, that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to reading only our content. There are loads of other survival-type websites and blogs out there, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 best survival blogs you should be following.

This list of survival preparedness websites is one of the lengthier ones we’ve ever done on the site, but it’s one that we feel is full of value. Having a survival websites list is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the best and most credible information at all times, and having different perspectives on similar topics can also help you to better understand them.

You’ll find more than 50 survival sites throughout the Internet, but if you only want to read the best of the best, these are the 50 for you.

1. SHTF Plan

SHTF is a common acronym for “When sh*i hits the fan”, and SHTF Plan is all about helping people be as ready as they can be for when, well, sh*t hits the fan!

You’ll find information on how to survive on low amounts of food, information on why you should start investing in gold and silver, and a ton more on this site.

2. More Than Just Surviving

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to survive out in the woods with minimal equipment and no contact with the grid, More Than Just Surviving has you covered. The blog goes in-depth on all of the gear and skills that you need to make it in the wilderness, and all the information here is pretty much high value.

3. The Survivalist Blog

The Survivalist Blog’s main goal is to help people live their lives in a fashion where they spend less money, have a more fulfilling and rich day, and know how to be prepared when times inevitably become tough.

4. The Prepper Journal

Want to get involved with the prepper world but aren’t sure where to start? The Prepper Journal has all of the basic information to help you go from novice to pro in a matter of days.

5. Urban Survival Site

Live in the city but still want to be comfortable with fending for yourself? If you say yes, Urban Survival is the place for you.

6. Doom And Bloom

Doom And Bloom is run by husband and wife team Joe Alton and Amy Alton, and this survivalist duo regularly provides information on how to self-treat your medical issues. It discusses these strategies with a strong focus on doing so when the world changes for the worst.

7. The Organic Prepper

Taking care of the Earth around us is still going to be important even when all hell breaks loose, and The Organic Prepper gives helpful tips on how to survive and live while using only natural and organic ingredients.

8. SurvivalBlog

SurvivalBlog has been kicking out daily survival tips and tricks since way back in 2005, and despite the site’s age, it still manages to provide relevant and helpful info day in and day out.

9. Modern Survival Blog

Living in the modern world is very different than what folks did decades ago, and as such, certain survival tactics have changed and matured. Modern Survival Blog does everything it can to help make you as prepared as possible for tomorrow, today.

10. Survival Life

If you’re someone who lives and breathes the prepper lifestyle, it only makes sense for you to be a regular reader of Survival Life. Survival Life covers absolutely everything that any prepper would want to know or read about, and it’s definitely one of our all-time favorite places to check out.

11. Backdoor Survival

Gaye is the founder of Backdoor Survival, and she’s a woman that’s absolutely addicted with all things DIY, surviving, and more. She created Backdoor Survival to help people be prepped while also staying optimistic! – it’s a take on the prepper lifestyle that we absolutely love!

12. Ready Nutrition

Ready Nutrition doesn’t necessarily talk about traditional prepping techniques, but instead focuses on providing helpful information on how to grow and maintain foods and other nutritional items that you can grow on your own during a desperate time of need.

13. Prepper Website

The aptly named Prepper Website is all about providing prepper info in a no-frills, barebones manner, and the aesthetic here is absolutely perfect for those that just want info and not a lot of unnecessary BS.

14. Skilled Survival

“Prepare, Adapt & Overcome.” This is the mantra that Skilled Survival lives by, and it results in information on fire, shelter, defense, energy, nuclear, and a whole lot more.

15. Preparing For SHTF

Preparing For SHTF is another website that focuses on how to be ready when everything goes to crap, and this particular site is filled with prepper news, info on natural threats, how to guides, and so much more.

16. Survivopedia

Trying to find a one-stop shop for all of your prepper info can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to Survivopedia. With tons of data on DIY projects, health, defense, and other subjects, you’ll never want to leave this site!

17. Survival Monkey

While Survival Monkey features your typical prepper news that you’d come to expect from any of these sites, its main focus is on kicking out useful guides and manuals to provide you with real-world information that you can put to the test if you ever find yourself needing to.

18. Preppers Will

As the name of Preppers Will suggests, this is a site that’s dedicated to helping people find the will and passion to outlast and survive even the toughest of situations. Now that’s a message we can get behind!

19. The Survival Mom

Surviving isn’t just a boys game! The Survival Mom is a site dedicated to helping moms all across the globe do what they can to be just as ready for when disaster strikes as anyone else.

20. Simply Canning

Canning food is the work of canning and preserving food for use later on down the road, and it’s something that will be invaluable when it comes time to survive. Simply Canning provides all of the info you could ever want to know about this topic, and the information here is phenomenal.

21. American Preppers Network

The American Preppers Network is one of the most-trusted survival sources out there, and the site says that, “We firmly believe that every American family should strive to become Self-Reliant, enable them to better weather the day-to-day disasters, catastrophes and hardships we all experience.”

22. SHTF Blog

If you’ve been living the prepper world for some time now, you might be aware of the fact that some preppers think that they need to live lives of isolation. SHTF Blog shines some light on this issue and provides tips for surviving with the ones around us that we care about.

23. The Survival Doctor

Doctors are some of the smartest folks on the planet, so who better to get survival and medical advice from than one of the most trusted physicians alive?

24. Preparedness Advice Blog

There are a lot of questions out there surrounding the prepper world, and the Preparedness Advice Blog has all of the answers to those questions that you need resolved.

25. Urban Survival

Kicking out content since 1997, Urban Survival regularly produces articles and guides on how to survive as best as you can while living in an urban or city environment.

26. Prepared Housewives

Jamie is the wife of four who resides in Texas, and she created Prepared Housewives to help stay-at-home moms every be ready to tackle disasters that are both big and small in size.

27. Tin Hat Ranch

If you don’t trust Big Brother, the Internet, or the government in the slightest, Tin Hat Ranch will soon be your new favorite home away from home.

28. usCrow

Many tactics exist for surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, and if want to take a military-heavy stance on the whole thing, usCrow is the ultimate source for you.

29. Be Survival

Trying to locate credible and trustworthy information is now more difficult than ever on the Internet, but you can trust Be Survival and its team of experts to kick out the most helpful and knowledgeable prepper info around.

30. The Survival Podcast

Reading tons and tons of text about surviving might be fun for some, but if you prefer your information in an audio format, The Survival Podcast is a match made in Heaven for you.

31. My Family Survival Plan

Surviving with a family is drastically different than making it on your own, and the folks behind My Family Survival Plan created this site with the goal of providing tips for keeping both you and your entire family as safe as possible in a world of uncertainty.

32. Survivalist Prepper

Want to be more self-reliant? Want to start taking a hold and control of your future? If so, Survivalist Prepper has all of the need-to-know info to help you achieve both of these goals and much more.

33. Off Grid Survival

The grid is a wonderful thing, but it’s important to know how to live without it. That’s what Off Grid Survival is all about, and it helps making a living without a grid as bearable as it can be.

34. Willow Haven Outdoor

Surviving is a very serious thing, but Willow Haven Outdoor believes that it’s important to have a bit of fun while living off of the world around you as well.

35. SHTF School

SHTF School is run by a man named Selco. Selco is a surviver of the Balkan War that took place in the 1990s, and he provides tips he learned during this time over on SHTF School to help make you a better prepper.

36. The Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog

Being a prepper is all about being ready for anything at any given time. The Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog strives to help people be ready for even the worst of situations, and it’s a truly phenomenal resource to be familiar with.

37. Survival Cache

While surviving requires a lot of techniques and skill, it also requires you to have the proper gear for the job at hand. Survival Cache is a survival gear site that helps preppers get their hands on the right gear, and the products it talks about are some of the best the industry has to offer.

38. Modern Survival Online

Some survival tips never change, but then again, others do. To learn all of the tips and tricks for surviving in today’s world, check out Modern Survival Online.

39. Prep-Blog

Being a prepper can sometimes be a daunting task, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Prep-Blog provides rational and helpful info to allow you to survive while still maintaining a regular lifestyle.

40. Doug Ritter

Doug Ritter is one of the most well-respected names in the survival world, and his personal website offers fantastic information on how to survive in any sort of incident no matter your gear, experience, etc.

41. The Apartment Preppers Blog

The prepper tactics and knowledge that will be most useful to you drastically depends on your location, and for folks that need to survive in an apartment setting, The Apartment Preppers Blog is one of your best sources for this kind of information.

42. Survival Spot

Knowing how to survive is one thing, but if you want to go deeper and figure out why we use the tactics that we do, Survival Spot is the guide for you.

43. SurvivalKit Blog

If you aren’t ready for what’s going to happen right now, you’ll be scrambling and SOL tomorrow. If you’re willing and able to start getting yourself prepared this very second, SurvivalKit is a no-nonsense source that has all of the info you’re looking for.

44. Tactical Intelligence

Being a prepper means knowing how to survive and thrive during both good times and bad. This is the message that Tactical Intelligence touts, and it’s one that we find incredibly refreshing.

45. True Prepper

True Prepper was launched back in 2016 as a small experiment, but it has quickly grown into one of the largest growing survival sites ever. With info on preparedness tips, survival how-to’s, and risk analysis, it’s no wonder the site is growing as fast as it is.

46. reThinkSurvival

Ready to start prepping and living a better life? reThinkSurvival is filled to the gills with tips, tricks, info, and more to make you as efficient and knowledgable of a prepper as possible.

47. Security and Self-Reliance

Security and Self-Reliance was crafted in July of 2016 as a refresh of the super-popular Advanced Survival Guide website. On the new site, Security and Self-Reliance informs people on how to prepare for very real threats from the perspective and mindset of Midwestern authors.

48. Urban Survival Network

Step-by-step guides for surviving are plentiful in the online world, but one of the best that currently exists is the Urban Survival Network.

49. Food Storage And Survival

You might know how to use an AR-15 and start a fire with nothing but a couple of sticks and some kindling, but do you know how to properly store food for long periods of times? Food Storage and Survival focuses solely on food storage, and it’s the best site in its class for this sort of information.

50. Survival Joe

The final choice for our list of the 50 best survival blogs is Survival Joe. Joe Jacobs is your typical everyday dad, with the one exception that he and his family do everything they can to be fully prepared and equipped for pretty much any disaster — Survival Joe chronicles their story and life.

Final Thoughts

And, with that all said and done, those are the 50 best survival blogs that you can visit and read through right now. New prepper sites seem to be launching every single day, but if you want to weed out through all the garbage and read only the absolute best content, these are the websites for you.