The Best Tactical Pants (To Cover Your A** in Any Situation)


What are the best tactical pants for everyday wear? If you find yourself asking that question, you are at the right place! It’s always important to be dressed your best, and in this case, best means practical, durable and functional. It’s important to wear clothing, pants especially, that will allow you to complete a range of activities at a moment’s notice. Tactical pants are important in disaster and survival situations as they account for durability, waterproofing, sun guard and more features designed to keep the practical tactical man out of harm’s way.

When disaster strikes, society collapses or worse, you want to know that you are prepared, from a safe environment to a tactical pair of all-purpose pants, to get through any situation. Here are five of the highest rated tactical pants, to cover your ass and keep you ready for any disaster that may come your way.

1. Free Soldier Outdoor Men’s Lightweight Proof Quick Dry Tactical Pants

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These pants not only come in a range for four different colors but they also come with a range of features that make them a great choice for anyone looking to have a pair of practical, flexible, and durable everyday tactical pants. They are made up of nylon and spandex with a Teflon coating making them incredibly flexible (and I’m sure comfortable) as well as they are extra durable, thanks to the coating.

This pair is also equipped with water repelling features as well as with quick drying capabilities, both features contribute to making this pair of pants great for survivalist situations. Theses pants also include six pockets, four in the front and two in the back, this should be a enough to hold some essentials, like a knife or what have you but they do not look ready to hold more then the minimum basics as the pockets do not seem to be very large although they are stretchable and could still prove useful in the event of survival.

2. Columbia Sportswear Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Pant

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Columbia’s 100% nylon tactical cargo pants are available in eleven different colors and over twenty different sizes.These pants have six pockets; two in front and back, with two more mid-way down the side of the leg. This should be plenty of room to carry some basic emergency supplies and potentially more. They also work well for blocking UV rays with their special woven design as well as the inclusion of UV absorbents and reflectors.

The omni-wick technology not only pulls moisture away from the body, keeping you dry but it also allows for sweat to evaporate quickly as not to take away from your comfort. So come hell or high water, these pants will keep you dry, cool and protected from moisture and UV rays.

3. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants

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Tactical pants are essential when planning for the end of the world or practicing survivalist techniques; CQR’s tactical pants may be exactly what you are looking for. These tactical pants are built in the same style as law enforcement and military standards to offer the best fit with the highest performance. The poly-cotton blend fabric allows for flexibility, while remaining breathable and offering a full range of motion without fear of tears or rips.

Also, like the above two reviewed, these are resistant to water and the Duratex enhanced fabric also makes it less susceptible to other containments, like dirt, that you may encounter in your travels. What may take this pair above the rest is that it has eight different pocket compartments to store tactical tools, weapons and other supplies that are necessary for a survivalist to have on hand.

4. 5.11 Men’s Tactical 74273 TacLite Pro Pant

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The main identifier to make these tactical pants stand out is the lightweight design, making them the best tactical pants for hot weather. Also, they feature an external knife pocket, specifically designed so the wearer is protected and ready at all times. It allows you to get to your knife quickly and without hesitation and it ensures that you will be able to have it at the ready, come any situation.

These pants also feature an exterior clip loop and magazine pocket, to keep you even more prepared, safe and ready for action. They are also a poly-cotton blend equipped with rip-stop and a Teflon coating. This enables extensive and continuous wear, preventing rips and tears as well as helping avoid regular damage from extensive wear and tear. They also feature triple reinforced stitching with additional support in areas where the pants may become overstressed, pulled or strained.

5. TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Tactical Pants

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These tactical pants are made of a poly-cotton blend which is lightweight making these ideal for hotter climates or for working in the sweltering summer months. They don’t call these pants ’24-7′ tactical pants for no reason, they are durable, comfortable and fitted to withstand various climates, activities and situations. These pants have pockets that appear flat, but are in fact gutted further down allowing for a more secure place for your items during strenuous work.

Each cargo pocket is equipped with two magazine compartments, knife compartments and external pockets that could hold a cellphone, wallet or any other small item. Finally, to set these pants apart from the rest, they have reinforced knees as well as slots for knee pads to be inserted if desired. Tru-Spec may have made the best tactical pants for any situation, they can fit every need and they have a pocket for everything.

So many pants, so little time…

In order to ensure that you are wearing the right pants for you and for the situation. You need to consider if they are durable, for other weather types and situations; whether or not they can withstand the strenuous activities that go hand-in-hand with emergency preparedness and survivalist prepping. As a survivalist you need to have the best tools and devices to get the job done, this even includes the type and kind of pants you choose to wear.

Regular denim jeans or low-grade fabrics are not conducive to the strenuous activities and preparations that are necessary for emergent and disastrous situations. Make sure that you are wearing the right pants for any occasion. Pants that allow you to carry your necessary tools and weapons, while remaining durable and providing you with the necessary range of motion. Be ready to weather any storm or situation and put on a pair of the best tactical pants for any situation.

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