The Very Best AA Flashlight (Plus 4 Other Alternatives)

best aa flashlight

One of the most basic tools that any prepper can have is a trusty flashlight. While you’ll ideally want to get all of your work and prepping activities done during the day when you’ve got ample light, sometimes there comes a situation where you need to do something in the dark. When such a situation arises, having your hands on the best AA flashlight will make the said situation much, much easier.

Most preppers have their own preference between AA and AAA flashlights, but in our experience, we’ve found AA to be our go-to choice. AAA batteries aren’t necessarily bad, but AA ones tend to be a bit cheaper and a little more reliable.

There are more than a few products out there that people consider to be among the top flashlights with AA batteries, but after careful testing and research, we’ve selected the only 5 that are truly deserving of that title. This wasn’t an easy process by any means, but it’s one that was well, well worth it.

So, with that said, here are our picks for the 5 best AA flashlights.

1. Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright Mini LED Flashlight

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Hausbell’s 7W Ultra Bright Mini LED Flashlight is a tool that we know a lot of fellow preppers have themselves outfitted with, and that comes with good reason. This Hausbell flashlight has proven itself to be one of the most reliable ones around, and its respectively high lumen count of 300 allows you to see in even some of the darkest situations.

There are three different light settings to play around with depending on your situation (Bright, Dim, Strobe), and Hausbell’s skid and water-proof body for the flashlight means that it should be able to withstand just about anything.

The size is very compact and easy to carry pretty much anywhere, and the included zoom feature enables the flashlight to have an adjustable focus so you can concentrate the beam on a specific area.

A single AA battery is used to power the flashlight, and Hausbell includes two of the lights at a price that you’d often pay for just one.


2. Coast HP1 Focusing 190 Lumen LED Flashlight

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The Coast HP1 Focusing 190 Lumen LED Flashlight is a product that we’ve seen pop up on quite a few AA flashlight reviews, and after really getting to know the flashlight, we can understand why so many people have come to love it.

The 190 lumen rating is the lowest on this list, and while it’s definitely not as bright as the other options on here, it should still be enough for most use cases. That 190 lumen rating allows the beam to reach up to 560-feet (or 171 meters), and in all honesty, that’s still a good amount of range.

Coast’s light is powered by a single AA battery, and this should provide it with 1 hour and 15 minutes of use. A patented focusing system is also present, and this enables the HP1 to have some of the best beam quality and slide focus that we’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, that same attention to detail with the light carries over to the product’s body. Coast designed the HP1 to be both impact and water resistant, and with the lightweight aluminum casing, rust and corrosion are things of the past that you’ll never have to worry about here.

You are only getting one light for about the same price as the two that Hausbell is offering, but Coast’s option is still worth checking out if you don’t need a ton of lumens and want a light in an even more compact body.


3. ThorFire TG06S Flashlight 500 Lumen Ultra Bright

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Next up on our list is the ThorFire TG06S Flashlight, and as the title suggests, this little sucker is packing an insane amount of lumens for such a small casing. The max output of 500 lumens makes the TG06S capable of brightening up any scenario that you happen to find yourself in, and since you likely won’t always need to harness that max output, ThorFire has included a few very useful settings to tweak the brightness of the beam.

Those 5 settings include High (500 Lumens), Middle (200 Lumens), Low (50 Lumens), Moonlight (1 Lumen), and a Strobe mode. This gives the ThorFire TG06S a lot of versatility that products like the Coast HP1 simply cannot offer, and for that reason alone, this guy is worth checking out.

In addition to the high brightness and many settings, the body of the TG06S is made using aircraft grade aluminum alloy, and as you’d expect, this means that it should be extremely durable and sturdy against most all conditions.


4. Streamlight 88033 ProTac 250 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight

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Streamlight’s 88033 is one of the largest flashlights on this list, and while that does make it less portable than the other options we’ve already looked at, there’s a reason for its larger size. The 88033 is designed to be a professional tactical flashlight, and because of this, it needs a larger body to house everything it’s bringing to the table.

For one thing, the longer body means that you’ve got a larger surface area to grip onto the flashlight for easier handling. The included C4 LED technology makes the flashlight totally impervious to shock, and it’s rated to have a lifetime of 50,000 hours of use.

Additionally, the Streamlight 88033 also packs numerous light settings, a strobe mode, anti-roll face cap, a removable pocket clip, and even IPX7 waterproofing.


5. Pro 200 Series Tactical Flashlight by Elite Tactical

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Our fifth and final pick goes to the Pro 200 Series Tactical Flashlight by Elite Tactical. This flashlight is fantastic since not only is it well made, it can last underwater.

The 1000 lumen beam is seriously impressive, and as you’d expect, there are more than enough light settings to adjust to get the perfect intensity for what you’re doing. An included zoom feature is also much appreciated, and the military grade construction means that the Pro 200 Series can be run over by a four-ton plane and still work perfectly fine.

You’ll need three AA batteries just to power the flashlight, and while that’s more than the smaller picks on here, the extra resources are well-justified for such a powerful and capable light.


Final Thoughts

While any old flashlight will technically work for helping you to see in the dark, the 5 lights on this list do a better job than any other ones that you’re going to find. Some of them do cost a fairly pretty penny, but there are others that are more than reasonably priced. Whatever you do, do yourself a favor — skip the Dollar General flashlights and pick up one of the lights on this list. You’ll be glad you did.

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