The Best Tactical Wallet You Can Buy (And 4 Alternatives)

best tactical wallet

Although every guy carries a wallet with them, not all of them take the time to make sure that they’re buying one that will last for a number of years and offer them all of the features that they could need. If you’re a prepper, this is an extra step that you need to be taking. The prepper lifestyle is much more demanding than others, and as such, your best bet is to pick up the best tactical wallet that you can.

Tactical wallets essentially work the same as regular wallets, but they’re often built to be more reliable and offer more features than what you’d find with traditional options. They may not be as exciting as a PDW or folding knife, but they’re still an important piece of gear that you should own.

There’s a surprisingly large selection of tactical wallets to choose from, and if you’d like to save some time from sifting through a heap of tactical wallets reviews, we’ve got just what you need.

Here is out list of the top 5 best tactical wallets that money can buy.

1. Trayvax Original Wallet

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To kick off this list, let’s talk about the Trayvax Original Wallet. This wallet is one of the more uniquely-designed ones that we’ve selected, and while the appearance might take some time to get used to at first, it looks the way it does for a few reasons.

Trayvax constructed the Original Wallet using a combination of both plastic and paracord, and this allows it to be extremely durable and able to withstand a multitude of environments and scenarios.

You can carry up to 14 credit cards and 5 bills at a single time, and these are both held in between plates made out of aluminum and stainless steel. The front pocket of the wallet offers super easy access to a built-in bottle opener, and the card-holding portion also doubles as an RFID protector.

The Trayvax Original Wallet is made right here in the United States, and should you choose to purchase the wallet, you’ll have it backed by a lifetime warranty for some really nice peace of mind. It is one of the more expensive wallets on our list, but it’s well, well worth the cash.

2. Military Grade Wallet by Bench Built

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If you’d like something a little cheaper, then Bench Built’s Military Grade Wallet is a great alternative to check out. The design isn’t quite as wild, but it’s still very unique and stands out from your average wallet. The entire wallet features a black design, and this helps it stay discrete when carrying it around with you.

You can hold up to 5 cards at a time, and while that’s quite a bit less than the 14 card capability with the Trayvax Original Wallet, you do have a free band and money clip included with the wallet. The money clip can hold a fair amount of cash, and the band can be used to hold any cards or notes you have when you need to secure them against even the most extreme abuse.

There isn’t a built-in RFID protector with Bench Built’s wallet, and that is a bummer for folks looking for that feature. Then again, for as cheap as the Bench Built option is, we wouldn’t really expect an RFID protector to be included considering everything else it’s bringing to the table.

3. Efanr Universal Outdoor Tactical Holster

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Efanr’s Universal Outdoor Tactical Holster is the cheapest tactical wallet on our list, and it also is the wallet capable of holding the most items. In addition to being able to hold your standard array of cash and credit cards, you can also take advantage of the large pockets inside to store numerous items, including pens, mobile phones, cigarettes, and even other wallets.

Having access to all of this storage space is great, but it does mean that the Efanr holster is considerably larger than the other wallets on this list. You likely won’t be able to comfortably put it in your pants or shorts pocket, but you can easily attach it to a backpack or belt and still have safe and quick access to it.

The Efanr holster is made out of polyester fabric, and this keeps it both durable against the elements and lightweight to carry it wherever you go. It’s available in a wide variety of colors, and the sheer functionality of this thing is honestly what keeps us recommending it to preppers that don’t yet own one.

4. Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

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Dango’s Tactical EDC Wallet is definitely the most expensive tactical wallet on our list, and even though it doesn’t offer the best bang for your buck that you can find, it’s still an excellent purchase for those who want the absolute best of the best.

You can hold up to 12 cards in the Dango wallet, and to go along with this, you’ve got RFID blocking technology to keep all of your information safe and secure. Top grain leather is secured to the wallet’s chassis with mil-spec bolts, and the body itself is constructed using 6061 aerospace grade aluminum.

The Dango wallet is rather lightweight at just 2 ounces, and along with the wallet itself, it also comes bundled with the Dango Multi-Tool — a gadget that features a knife, saw, hex screw, smartphone stand, ruler, nail pryer, and more.

5. Gerber GDC Money Clip

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Lastly, the Gerber GDC Money Clip is another awesome tactical wallet that offers a lot of great features for not a lot of cash. The wallet/money clip is made using a titanium nitrate coated steel body, and it’s capable of holding up to 5 credit cards at one time.

The wallet weighs just 2.9 ounces, and on the opposite end of the clip is a sleek fine-edged knife. This allows you to have fast and easy access to a surprisingly sharp blade in the event that you need to defend yourself from an assailant, and the knife is discretely hidden in the clip’s body so that attackers won’t be able to easily see it.

The Gerber money clip holds quite a bit less than the other tactical wallets on our list, but if you’re looking for something sleek and portable with some added personal defense, this is still an awesome purchase.

Final Thoughts

All of the wallets on our list are quite a bit different from one another, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll be getting an awesome little package for securely holding your cash and cards in a much better way than what you can do with a traditional wallet.

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