The Best Tactical Pen (To Get Past TSA Undetected)


With all the regulations and restrictions at the airport, it is difficult to stay prepared and ready for anything when travelling. In order to board a plane you must leave behind or surrender the items that would keep you most safe or prove most useful in dangerous situations. Although you may not be able to carry it on you, as it is still made of metal, a tactical pen is the perfect travel companion to have in a carry on or your luggage. It looks like a basic pen, but has the capabilities to protect yourself, those with you or it can be used as a tool in any situation.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best tactical pens that should make it past TSA, due to the design and tactical pen reviews of real time use. If you are looking for a concealable weapon for protection or an irreplaceable tool that you can take on the go, no matter where that may be, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen

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This pen may be a good option when considering travel as there is no actual weapon hidden within the pen, instead the hard aircraft aluminum construction allows the pen to be used for defensive strikes when necessary and when needed. Otherwise, the pen looks and functions as a regular pen; if it were to be questioned, when taken apart the pen is simply that.

The end of the pen can serve as a strike point, the hard casing allows force to be applied to the pen without risk of damage. The cap is flat across allowing for a stable hold and grip, if and when the pen is used as a defensive weapon. In other instances, just simply unscrew the pen cap (complete with pocket clip) and use the ball point pen; concealing the pen’s other capabilities until necessary.

2. Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen

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According to reviews, this pen has made it safely through the TSA check in a carry-on item, later to find refuge with it’s owner on the plane ride. It is also advertised as “the only tool you can carry anywhere,” and this may be true due to its sleek design and subtle capabilities. Like the above pen, this one has a high-impact tip, but the Atomic Bear has a Tungsten tip specifically designed to be able to break glass in one strike.

It also comes equipped with a lifetime warranty, belt holster and an additional ink cartridge.

3. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

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This tactical pen stands out from the others, as it was designed with law enforcement in mind, taking in the specific design and function of the pen to best fit the needs of the officers using them. The Gerber tactical pen does not include a pen cap, just the regular clicking mechanism to release the pen; but it is, is the only pen thus far that can write and function in all conditions.

With its “Rite in the Rain” technology, the pen has the ability to function in any condition, making sure that you can get your job done rain or shine. It also includes a tempered steel tip that can break glass or subdue your enemies getting you out of a dangerous situation. Reviews also conclude that it is simple to get this pen through TSA security checks without apprehension.

4. Under Control Tactical Pen

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Like the other pens, this one is created from high grade aluminum and can be concealed easily for travel. It too comes with a lifetime warranty, glass breaker tip and additional ink refills. What really causes this pen to stand out is the DNA catcher technology and it’s LED flashlight.

The DNA catcher is located on the same end as the flashlight, when the pen is used as a defensive weapon, pieces of the assailant’s DNA will be left behind on the pen allowing you to discover who your attacker was. The flashlight is also a helpful features lacking with the other pens as it will allow the pen to be a more adaptable tool in any emergent or non-emergent situation.

Also, the lack of logo on this pen helps conceal it further, making it less suspicious and more likely to be mistaken as a regular pen. This is one tactical pen that doesn’t look like one.

5. CRKT TPENWK Tactical Pen

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The TPENWK may be the most concealable and regular looking tactical pen. It has a sleek machined aluminum metal design with a basic cap with pocket clip. It is not flashy or bold but it includes a glass breaking and self defending metal tip opposite the ballpoint pen mechanism. The pen is available in a black matte finish as to avoid any flashiness and to help it be more concealable.

Customer tactical pen reviews reveal that this particular pen has successfully made it through TSA security check eight times with one individual. If you are looking for a pen that can go anywhere and keep you protected at all times, you may have found the perfect tactical pen for you.

Is a Tactical Pen Right for You?

Always make sure that you have the right tool for the right situation, if you do not you may want to consider the versatility of a tactical pen. Find a durable pen that allows you to keep protected, perhaps write in all conditions while you use the LED flashlight to find your way around. As a survivalist you need to have the best tools and equipment that are available to you, and sometime you need to have those tools concealed on you.

Regular pens are fine and do their job but they are not able to be used effectively as a combat weapon if the situation calls for it. Make sure that you have the correct tools with you at all times to ensure your safety and survival, find the best tactical pen and keep it with you because you’ll never know when you may need it.

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