Web Bot Predictions (What They Really Mean Right Now!)


At the heart of the prepper lifestyle, the most important thing to be aware and keep track of are potential threats and dangers that could wreck havoc on our world in the near future. Doing anything and everything in your power to prepare yourself for these events is mission critical, and one tool that some preppers have relied on for predicting the future are web bot predictions.

WebBot predictions have been around for nearly 20 years at this point, and it’s predicted a number of things that have come true and others that ended up being complete and total misses.

The Web Bot is supposedly able to predict upcoming events that us and our world will have to deal with, and while there are a number of preppers who put serious faith in this contraption, should you?

Today, we’re going to be talking about Web Bot, what it is, and whether or not you should actually care about what it has to say.

What is Web Bot?

First of all, what is the Web Bot? Web Bot is a form of Internet-based bot (computer program) created by Clif High and George Ure back in 1997. The Web Bot Project’s main goal is to predict upcoming and future events by tracking keywords that are often talked about throughout the entirety of the Internet.

High and Ure have kept the algorithms and tech their using as secretive as possible for obvious reasons, and the predictions that the Web Bot comes up with are sold on the two men’s website.

Having a bot a that is able to predict future events might sound crazy at first, but the whole concept of Internet bots really isn’t all that crazy. Bots are being used for monitoring online news sites, community forums, and any other talk that takes place on the Internet.

These bots keep an eye out for any keywords that are often bought up in conversation, and these bots are typically used by marketers and advertisers in order to promote things to their customer base that they believe they’re interested in based off of what the bots pick up.

There are a number of other ways that bots can be used, but in the case of Web Bot specifically, it’s main goal is to use these keywords to predict things that will happen in the near and distant future.

Things that Web Bot has predicted accurately

Although Web Bot has claimed an array of events that never ended up coming to fruition, there are three big world events that Web Bot accurately predicted.

These events include the Northeast Blackout of 2003, the Indian Ocean earthquake that took place in 2004, and also Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath that followed it.

There’s no actual proof that Web Bot predicted these things, but that’s what High and Ure say what happened. Those are some pretty impressive predictions if Web Bot really did say that they were going to happen before they did, but what about Web Bot’s failures?

Web Bot’s misses

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, let’s take a look at things that Web Bot said would happen but never ended up coming to life.

There are three main events that Web Bot inaccurately predicted, and the first and most notable of those has to do with the rumored apocalypse that was supposedly going to take place on December 21, 2012.

The idea here was that Earth’s magnetic poles would either reverse or that a series of smaller nuclear strikes would occur and lead up to something massive on December 21. Web Bot never actually said that the world would completely end on this date, but it did seem to think that something massive would take place that would drastically change our lives as we know it.

In addition to this, Web Bot also said that a gigantic earthquake would happen over in Vancouver, Canada and in the Pacific Northwest at some point in December 2008.

Lastly, Web Bot predicted that in 2011 that the US Dollar would collapse completely and that Israel would bomb the crap out of Iran. As a result of these two things, former President Barack Obama’s administration would be thrown into total chaos.

As we know here in 2017, none of these things ended up ever taking place.

Is Web Bot still making predictions in 2017?

You betcha.

The latest prediction Web Bot predictions has to do with gold and silver prices replacing the value of USD and that the sun will supposedly start to burn people as a sign that the world will soon be coming to and end.

Those predictions (especially that last one) are quite out there and a bit far-fetched if you ask us.

Although we aren’t saying these predictions will never come true, we’re also not saying that they will.

The Web Bot has been so on and off over the years, and while it’s accurately predicted some major events, there have been other ones where it’s been way off base. That sort of inconsistency makes it difficult to place faith in the predictions that Web Bot is currently kicking out, and while you should still keep it in the back of your mind throughout this year and going forward, I would still advise taking everything it says with a grain of salt.

Should you be worried about what Web Bot says?

As mentioned above, that’s difficult to say with complete certainty.

Web Bot is one of the most interesting future event predictors that’s ever been created, and while we understand why some of you put trust in what it has to say, we’d probably advise that most people don’t read too closely into what it kicks out.

Events that Web Bot offers could come to light, but looking at its track record, there are far too many bumps in the road to trust it with complete and total faith.

Final Thoughts

Even if they aren’t the most accurate or trustworthy things in the world, Web Bot predictions are still quite fun to talk about and important to understand. Even if something isn’t the most accurate out there, it’s still somewhat important to know just what Web Bot is up to seeing as how it has been right in the past. We don’t expect the sun to start scorching people this year, but we’re still interested to see what else Web Bot thinks will happen throughout 2017 and beyond.

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